Auto Loan Financing

Auto Loan Financing

OK, so you just completed a Bankruptcy and you have Challenged or No credit and find yourself needing a vehicle, but are not sure if you can get financing or where to begin!  No Worries, because it is easier than you think. At Affordable Imports, located in the Cool Coast in Oceanside, California we have been helping people get auto loans for many many years.

There are more finance opportunities for you than you may think.  There are finance companies and banks that offer challenged credit auto loans to consumers mostly through the dealership’s finance department, we have worked diligently to build relationships with these companies to help our customers throughout California and believe we can help you too.

In house financing or also call "Buy Here Pay Here" is also a great option when offered through a reputable dealer like Affordable Imports.  This is not our focus, however it is an option that we provide on certain vehicles.  

We recommend that it is a good idea to get pre-qualified before you begin to drive and shop, this will prevent the waiting around the dealership all day, we prefer to complete a sale within an hour of your arrival for pre-qualified customers.

We have been in the challenged credit finance business for over 20 years and believe “If you have any questions about your credit then getting pre-qualified is the only way to go”. “  Knowing your credit score and how much money or payment you qualify for makes shopping for a used vehicle easier with less hassle and disappointment”.

If you have good, challenged or no credit and need a vehicle there are plenty of options out there for you. Just make sure you believe you are working with a fair and reputable dealer.


Andy Gonzales
President / Owner
Affordable Imports, Auto Sales & Finance